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Children's folding scooters

Micro Sprite Deluxe Black
Micro Sprite Deluxe Black
Sprite Deluxe Black is an improved version of the world-famous and time-tested classic aluminum scooter Micro Sprite. The scooter is in a distinctive and pleasing black design, which will appeal to both teenagers and juniors. Like the previous model, the Sprite Deluxe is ranked among children's scooters. Despite the fact that it has a load capacity of 100 kg, it is primarily intended primarily for children, juniors and young people. Despite various improvements, the Sprite Deluxe is still very light (3.3 kg). Thanks to its length, wide handlebars and two 120 mm wheels, it is perfectly controllable for a small child, but also for a teenager. The scooter is thus also suitable for longer crossings. The tread plate is made of aluminum, where its tread part is 34 cm long and 10 cm wide. The upper part of the footboard is 7 cm above the surface (clear height is approx. 5 cm). The Sprite Deluxe handlebar rod has an integrated LED light for 2 AAA batteries (not included). The height of the handlebars is adjustable from 73 cm to 102 cm above the ground. The handlebar grips on the Deluxe version are not foldable (foldable), but are firmly screwed on, which increases rigidity while driving. The width between the handles has also been increased, which improves riding comfort for most riders. The handlebars are adjustable and can be adjusted to the wishes of each rider. The scooter is now newly equipped with a front plastic fender. The rear foot brake, which has the function of a rear fender, is extended and fitted with a reflective element. 120 mm solid black PU wheels in combination with quality bearings ensure perfect handling and a brisk ride with minimal rolling resistance. The scooter contains a stable, easy-to-use stand. The carrying strap cannot be used on the scooter because the V-shaped handlebars do not have a strap eyelet.
126.95 EUR