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Micro Lazy Luggage
Micro Lazy Luggage
Micro Lazy Luggage is a bag / suitcase with a capacity of 18 liters on which you can comfortably seduce your child. Forget the stroller or long journeys with a child in your arms and take a Micro Lazy Luggage with you, which will help you with things or shopping and can also turn into a means of transport. If the children are not with you, you can fold the front structure with wheels and use the suitcase on wheels as a shopping aid or as hand luggage when traveling. Thanks to the height-adjustable handle, your child can also comfortably guide the suitcase folded in this way. Lazy Luggage is very easy to handle when folded and unfolded (baby carriage). Shopping and traveling with children thus turns into real fun. Chassis: The chassis is from the Micro workshop, it is aluminum with plastic elements. It can be easily folded. The pull-out handle has a total of 3 positions - fully retracted 57cm, extended 83cm and fully extended 108cm (measured from the ground). The weight of the chassis itself is only 1.9 kg. The main wheels have a diameter of 110mm, the secondary, tilting wheels have a diameter of 65mm. Suitcase: The suitcase is from the Samsonite workshop, it is plastic with textile accessories. It has an ergonomically shaped rubberized handle on the side, thanks to which the suitcase can be carried in the hand as hand luggage / bag after inserting the adjustable chassis handle. The suitcase has one main zip pocket with sliders that can be locked. The main pocket of the suitcase is divided into 2 side compartments, one of which is equipped with a strap for better attachment of clothes and the other is equipped with a padded compartment for a minibook or tablet. Inside the suitcase there are also several other, smaller compartments for small things, etc.
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