Chcete změnit jazyk eshopu na us?

Bicycle Sled Dogs

Looking for new fun for the winter? Get inspired by Red Bull Crashed Ice and skate on the slopes. Enjoy the freedom to ride and learn a lot of new tricks you just can't do on skis!

Snow skates are easier than skis! They are also suitable for people who have no experience with winter sports.

Snow skates are especially popular with skaters and hockey players, for whom they are a great winter training. But others will also love them. And most importantly, you don't have to drag with heavy skis on your shoulder ... From our experience, Sled Dogs will have a great time on a gentle and steep hill, no matter how old you are.

Therefore, there is the possibility of renting skates SLED DOGS!

Advantages of snow skates:

  • easier for beginners than skis (easier getting up and operating)
  • safer to the knees (no such load)
  • great for people who can not ski much, or as a variegated ride on a slope
  • Glasses for ski lessons (do not obstruct and quickly run anywhere)
  • can also be used on ice, such as skates
  • you don't have skis, you put on sled dogs and you can whip
  • enjoy a lot of fun even on a small hill

Who are Sled dogs suitable for?

  • for all!!!
  • for skaters, hockey players, for beginners, for instructors, for all those who are tired of snowboarding and skis. Ideal for parents who want to teach their children to ski.

You will have a lot of fun on the sled dogs.

Be sure to watch the video, after watching you will definitely want to try the snow skates!

How can you borrow them from us?

  • go to our shop in Hradec Kralove and bring your ID card
  • take a refundable deposit 4000Kč
  • cash amount available for rent (we rent only for cash . Credit card payment is not possible)

Price list:

  • 1 day (24 hours): 400Kč
  • every other day: 200Kč
  • weekend (Friday-Monday): 800Kč
  • one-time fee for rubber sleeves: 100Kč (not needed)
  • Refundable deposit from which the rental fee will be deducted: 4000Kč

When returning skates must be clean and inside dry if not. The fee is 500CZK

If you buy the Sled Dogs, you get 100% rental back!

As the first in Hradec Kralove and surroundings you have the opportunity to try these snow skates !!

Instructions on how to ride snow skates can be found here:

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