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Choke Juicy Skateboard Susi Elite Zebra

Choke Juicy Skateboard Susi Elite Zebra
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

The 70's legendary vinyl mini boards are back - stylish Juicy Susi skirts with colorful plates and wheels. Juicy Susi is a series of Choke boards. Vinyl mini longboards that have a relatively small board but big wheels. Juicy Susi has a 57 x 15 cm board. Original AL casted Juicy Truck that is extra durable. Skate is equipped with polyurethane wheels in size 60 x 45 mm in hardness 78A. Super wheels that greatly reduce inequality. The WCD ABEC 7 bearings provide for their quiet operation. Just choose! Due to their size and low weight, Juicy Susi is ideal for cruising around the city.

Perfectly manageable skates that you can keep with you. Juicy Susi - this is a great retro penny-style affair, but at a much lower price. wheels: 60 x 45mm, Juicy 78A MD SHR

  • Bearings: WCD ABEC 7
  • plate: PP composite 57 x 15cm (22.5 "x 6")
  • trucks: alu 3,5 "original AL casted Juicy
  • gift: Backpack for skate Choke Juicy Susi
Total weight1900 g
total length570 mm
Total width150 mm
Wheel size60 mm
Hardness of the wheel78
BearingsABEC 7
Load capacity100 kg
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