UpForm gate with trap and pulleys UF-T009

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the UpForm modular system is the ideal solution for all commercial environments, whether they are gyRead more
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Description UpForm gate with trap and pulleys UF-T009

the UpForm modular system is the ideal solution for all commercial environments, whether they are gyms, fitness centres or clubs. The individual stations are connected by means of connecting parts UF-016 and upper couplings UF-014 and UF-015 according to the number of modules connected together. When using the UF-017 leg, the individual modules can also stand alone. The modular UpForm system allows you to assemble individual stations into any Multitower exactly according to your ideas and needs.

the UpForm UF-T009 trapeze, top and bottom pulley gate is a no-compromise assembly consisting of 2 UpForm UF-002 top and bottom pulley stations, one UpForm UF-013 trapeze and two UpForm UF-017 support legs.

UpForm UF-002 top and bottom pulley:

The UpForm UF-002 top and bottom pulley is equipped with a set of weights consisting of 12 bricks weighing a total of 90 kilograms in increments of 7.5 kilograms and one additional brick weighing 3.75 kilograms, which is placed above the first fixed brick and used to select weights from 3.75 kilograms. The weight selector has stickers for quick selection of the desired load and the safety pin is attached to the cable so there is no risk of losing it. The upper arm is located at a height of 220 centimetres, so anyone up to 200 cm can comfortably train on the machine. All pulleys are hidden under metal covers with the UpForm logo. The steel cable is covered with black PVC, is finished with a solid mesh and is cushioned by a rubber shock absorber.

UpForm UF-013 trapeze bar:

The UpForm UF-013 trapeze is placed between 2 UpForm stations. The UF-013 has 6 handles with dense foam for a comfortable grip during pull-ups, push-ups, etc. Each handle is secured with a metal sleeve and cap.

UpForm leg UF-017:

The UpForm UF-017 leg is designed for mounting and stabilizing UpForm stand-alone stations.

Set parameters:

  • Weights:
    • 2 sets 12 x 7.5 kg, 1 x 3.75 kg
  • Transmission: 2:1
  • Height: 240 cm
  • Width: 434 cm
  • Length: 66.5 cm
  • Profile:
    • 100 x 60 x 3 mm
    • tube 60 x 3 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Total weight: 386 kg
  • Weight: 187.5 kg (2 x 93.75 kg)


  • class: S, intended for commercial use
  • Certificate, standard: safety certificate, PN-EN 957-4:2007
  • The subject of the offer is only the station, not the adapters.
  • warranty: 24 months
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