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Goods availability

Are you interested in product availability? Do not you know what the supplier means? It does not matter here.

We have 2 types of sales. Stock (what we have in stock) and partner (what our stock has in stock)

Goods we have in stock (stock)

80% of the goods are skaldem my. You know this, that in the video category STOCK and get the goods.

The goods are in stock and immediately dispatched orders.

Affiliate Sales (What We Have In Stock Our Suppliers)

The item is not physically in stock, but it is our supplier . If you order these goods. The goods will be delivered to you in the best possible time. Delivery of goods to you is about 2-7 business days. You can see this in the catalog of goods so that the goods are written in the STORY at the SUPPLIER and in the detail of the goods you have written when you will get some goods. You do not have to worry about goods regularly updated warehouses. You will also receive mail when you will get the goods exactly. You do not have to worry about waiting long for the answer when you get the product. This is not our style !

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