About the category not integrated

Non-integrated headsets are only used for threadless forks. They are also used only for non-integrated boards. 

Do not use for threaded forks. The headset, the board and the fork may be destroyed!

The headset consists of: industrial bearings, bowls, ring (headset spacer ring), fork ring.

You have to use some compr. system to tighten the headset.

It's not used much these days.

Advantages: thanks to industrial bearings, rotation is smooth.

Cons: bowls can wear out, more expensive than threaded headset

Assembly: hammer the bearingless bowls carefully into the plate, they must be hammered straight. Insert the bearings into the bowls, with the bevelled part towards the bowl. Put a ring on the fork (flatter bottom, some forks are included), thread the fork through the plate. Put the second ring on the fork (it should fit into the bearing) and the cap.


How to extend the life of your headset:

  • always keep the headset tightened
  • keep it clean
  • occasionally clean and oil it.


You don't know what to do? Check out our tutorial here: How to use headsets

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