shipping and payment

Ordering the goods is delivered to the next day! If you make your order until 16:00.

We are the only one to bring you SATURDAY deliveries to Slovakia.

Just order a PPL .

Shipping and payment:

Postal charges over 4000 CZK free of charge (for the Czech Republic)

Shipping costs over 4000 CZK approx. 145 EUR Shipping free of charge (for SK)

You can choose from several options:

DPD, PPL, Deposit, Personal Subscription.

DPD - the fastest way to deliver, no waiting, the package will send you home ... Usually they call in advance, send sms and concede the point of handover.

Depa DPD: www.dpd.cz package transport

Price: for the Czech Republic: 97 CZK, for SK: 152 CZK (€ 5,4)

- DPD delivers shipments to the next business day. If the courier does not get you home, it will be delivered to you the next day.
- In SMS / email, you will receive information about the shipment, the access data in the DPD Courier application and will specify on the day of delivery
delivery interval for 1 hour.
- In the DPD Courier application at www.dpdkuryr.com you can: change the address or delivery date, choose a personal subscription in DPD ParcelShop, choose a delivery time in the morning / afternoon / evening in the larger cities, send a message to the courier.
- You can pay cash in cash
- Visit www.dpd.cz to contact the DPD via the Customer Line ( info@dpd.cz , 841 700 700).
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