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If you are interested in purchasing goods for your e-shop or store, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right goods, we will teach you everything about freestyle scooters and many other things.

We also deliver to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Croatia etc.


We are also exclusive distributors:


Freestyle Scooters:

- Chilli freestyle scooters

- Nokaic freestyle scooters

- Bestial Wolf freestyle scooters

- BadFrog freestyle scooters

- Micro Xtreme spare parts for f. Scooters

- Metal Core wheels for freestyle scooters


Longboards and skateboards:

- AOB longboards

- Area longboards

- Area Replica

- Slide Perfect kolečka 

- Gapp trucky

- CreamPrime griptapy

- Skatenhagen

- Crandon


Folding scooters:

- SmartScoot + scooters

- FunScoot scooters

- Biband scooters

- Scoobik 2in1 scooter and reflector in one (for children 3-5 years)

- Rideoo koloběžky

- Primus



- ALK13

- Nokaic

- Reversal


- Boom


Shoe insoles:

- SafeAttack: High-quality shoe insoles that bounce up to 90% of the impact!



We offer unmatched margins!


Martin Nogol

Hradec Králové

tel .:+420 226 259 070