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Electric scooters

Kvalitní elektrokoloběžky od City Boss a Joyor. Pro všechny kdo jsou liní používat své nožičky. U vybraných modelů dojezd až 55 km! Rychlost až 35 km/h!

Micro Merlin with handbrake
Micro Merlin with handbrake
Micro Merlin with a handbrake is a fully sprung top electric folding scooter from the well-known Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems. The solid construction, quality materials, excellent tuned fourth-generation technology, large wheels and the perfect pedigree of folding scooters create a product that meets all the mobility requirements of the urban person 21. century. This electric scooter is powered by a 500-watt motor located in the front wheel. The maximum speed is limited to 25 km / h. Perfection lies in the details. The Micro Merlin with a handbrake weighs 12 kg and is thus one of the lightest electric folding scooters in the world, mainly due to high-quality lightweight materials. This extremely low weight allows for easier carrying, handling and improves the controllability of the scooter itself. This electric scooter is equipped with 200 mm wheels, which are suitable for long distances through the city due to their comfort. The width of the wheels is 50 mm, which ensures greater stability in corners. In the middle of the handle there is an integrated digital display with control buttons. The display shows the current speed, the distance traveled, the total distance traveled, the battery status, the current driving mode, the outside temperature and the headlight indicator. To increase comfort over long distances, the scooter is equipped with cruise control, which can be freely activated and deactivated. The new Micro folding mechanism ensures mobility and easy handling when folding the scooter. When folding, simply push forward on the handlebars with your hands and press the blue lever on the folding mechanism with your feet and you have folded. The tread plate of the scooter is made of one solid block, which ensures maximum strength, but also a premium look. The length and width of the tread plate allow the rider greater stability and comfort while riding. For even greater comfort, the scooter is sprung on the front and rear wheels. The rear spring is hidden in the construction of the foot plate. The front suspension is in the handlebar rod above the wheel. It is thus a fully sprung electric folding scooter. The Merlin scooter is equipped with three brakes. The foot brake on the rear wheel also serves as a fender. Regenerative (motor) inch brake, located on the left side of the handle. The rear drum handbrake is also located on the left handle. The scooter is equipped with integrated LED rear lights, which light up while riding. During braking, the rear LED flashes to increase the light intensity. The front LED headlight is part of the digital display and can be switched on and off via the digital display. For greater safety of the rider, there is a bell on the parking brake. The handlebar grips are rubber and have an ergonomic shape that ensures good grip and comfort. The handles are tiltable so that the scooter takes up as little space as possible. The classic stand on a scooter is missing. It has been replaced by a more comfortable function that will ensure that the scooter stands in free space. There is no need to bend to the stand, but just release the folding mechanism with your feet and let the scooter stand in the first fixed position. To increase safety, there are reflective reflectors and tapes on the sides of the scooter. Merlin scooter riding programs: 1. 6km / h - 250W (walking mode) 2. 20km / h - 300W (eco mode) 3. 25km / h - 400W (standard mode) 4. 25km / h - 500W (sport mode) Switching between the individual driving programs is always before the ride and is very convenient: Press and hold the thumb brake (left side). Switch on the scooter and press the thumb pedal (right side) 1-4 to change and select driving modes. (Switching driving modes alone does not appear on the display). Basic data: Battery: lithium-ion battery brand with a capacity of 7.8 Ah. Voltage: 36 Volts Power: 250/500 Watts Range: 25 km Charging time: 3 hours Included in the package: Merlin electric scooter, charging adapter, Allen keys, rear reflector, side handle plug, instructions.
794.39 EUR
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