Roller skates Powerslide SUV Zoom Renegade 125 Trinity, 3x, 125, 41-42

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Powerslide SUV Next Renegade 125 roller skates are off-road roller skates suitable for action ridingRead more
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Description Roller skates Powerslide SUV Zoom Renegade 125 Trinity
Powerslide SUV Next Renegade 125 roller skates are off-road roller skates suitable for action riding and performing tricks on clay terrains or trails.

Powerslide SUV Next Renegade 125 roller sk ates are off-road roller skates suitable for action riding and performing tricks on clay terrains or trails.


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  • Thanks to My Fit technology, the inside of the shoe can be heated and adjusted to fit your foot precisely. It uses a new generation of soft boots that is firmer than it has ever been before, but also more comfortable as it uses the latest generation of memory foam for maximum comfort.
  • Fitted with an extremely strong aluminium Trinity frame, CNC machined from one piece.
  • Powerslide CST Pro air 125mm wheels with WCD Rustproof bearings, designed specifically for use in the wet.
  • The frame creates a nice compromise of stability and agility.
  • The skeleton of the skate is made with the addition of fibreglass. This gives the skates higher strength and keeps the weight low. Newly added ventilation holes in the front, sides and back of the shoe and a toe guard around the entire circumference of the skate.
  • The inner part of the skeleton is pre-prepared above the ankle for tuning the stiffness of the shoe directly to the needs of the skater. The lugs have cut marks on them, which can be used to soften the skeleton of the skate in the ankle area.
  • New cuff attachment (ankle joint). Thanks to the asymmetrical threaded inserts, the cuff on both sides can be positioned at two different heights independently of the mounting height on the other side of the skate. These options can help against ankle subsidence etc.
  • A rubber insole is placed under the heel to help cushion any impact.
  • The inner shoe (liner) is of the highest possible quality. Its toe is made of flexible neoprene and adapts to the foot. The anatomically shaped lining is made of memory foam that responds to increased human temperature during sports and molds directly to the owner's foot.
  • The lacing loops are now routed under the top buckle and thanks to the possibility of threading the laces through the liner loops, there are several different options for tying the skates according to the individual needs of the skater.
  • A buckle over the ankle and a classic buckle above the ankle complete the reliable system of fastening the skates.
  • The Trinity frame is fixed with three screws (one under the heel, two under the toe) instead of two classic ones. This solution allows the wheels to be brought as close to the shoe as possible, reducing the centre of gravity and increasing stability. In addition, this system more reliably dampens ride-induced vibrations, better transmits rebound force and provides more control over the ride itself.
  • The wheel axles are screwed directly into the frame body from one side. Thanks to the powerful shock absorber and the MYFIT Recall double-cut pad with memory foam padding, big tricks will be fun.The 3x150mm wheels offer excellent wet and dry grip, as do the Wicked Rustproof bearings.


  • Skeleton: Powerslide Next with fibreglass
  • Inner Shoe: My Fit Recall dual fit (heat moldable)
  • Lace-up: Flat laces, classic and lever buckle
  • Frame: Powerslide Renegade 125 CNC Al 3x125mm
  • Wheels: Powerslide 3x125mm
  • Bearings: WCD Wicked,608 standard
  • Brake: not included


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