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The RocketGrip end cap introduces a new dimension to wrapping the top of the stick for both players Read more
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Description RocketGrip Hole Flag Grip
The RocketGrip end cap introduces a new dimension to wrapping the top of the stick for both players and goalies!

TheRocketGrip end cap introduces a new dimension to wrapping the top of the stick for both players and goalies

Description :

  • RocketGrip is made of materials that do not damage gloves compared to regular hockey tape (no adhesive).
  • The RocketGrip delivers a solid and rigid feel that enhances the power of the shot.
  • features long life until
  • the
  • stick breaks
  • The RocketGrip handle doesn 't move or change position, so you'll always hit the target.
  • The handle is clean, without any creases to keep your playing smooth and comfortable.
  • RocketGrip does not stick compared to conventional hockey tape and thus extends the life of the gloves.

About RocketGrip

Hockey is our game, there are over 1.4 million hockey players worldwide, so there is huge competition to see who will be the next star! While everyone wants to improve with every shot, there are many ways to improve your game, and one way is by using the right grip! It's clear to any player that one of the reasons the best players can make great shots is the way they hold their stick.

To get closer to star level and improve your shots, the RocketGrip club wrap system was created. An easy-to-use stick grip that improves the way players control the stick and shoot.

As soon as you apply the RocketGrip, you will feel the locking and stiff feeling of the stick. Players' confidence will increase because a perfectly placed stick will be ready for the next shot much faster.

While some hockey tapes wear out and come loose, Rocket Grip tape neatly wraps around the hockey stick and secures it in place. It doesn't move or change position even after the hardest struggles, making sure every shot hits the target. For even smoother and more comfortable play, the Rocket Grip is designed to be clean, wrinkle-free. Players are also not distracted by glue or other sticky substances that could damage or stain the gloves.

The RocketGrip is suitable for anyone who shares a love of hockey. If you have a hockey stick, the RocketGrip will fit you! In addition to improving your ability to handle the stick with greater confidence, the materials used to make the RocketGrip are recyclable and environmentally friendly. We really love the game and the World we play on.

We are confident that RocketGrip will take you to the next level.

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