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Hi, are you looking for who it really is when the Team is told? You found the answer in the right place. But it's not that easy, because the teams have a few more. Read more ...

1. ORGANIZATIONAL TEAM (which is worth running the internet shop, social networks, organizing events, etc.)

Martin Nogol

Jakub Miláček

Second SCOOTSHOP.CZ TEAM RIDERS (which is full of very good and great riders and friends who represent themselves,, other brands and the Czech Republic in Czech and international competitions)

Jára "Mini" Soukup

Vít Kokošínský

Tomas Lorenc

Jirka Volenec

Phil Broz

Martin Schäfer

Marek Rathouský

Adam Čermák

Pepa Smetana

Maty Santo

3. SCOOTSHOP.CZ AMBASSADORS ( ambassadors in individual cities and friends of Scootshop)

HP Crew - Ostrava