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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

EZZA 90 roller skates are designed for recreational, sports fitness and conditioning skating, can withstand medium to high loads and are designed for both beginners and advanced and experienced skaters.       

We continue to use the proven skeleton, which has an excellent shape and still attractive design with a two-color and two-layer cuff.The skeleton of the skate is medium high, the movable part above the joint is reinforced and formed by two separate parts.

The liner uses the new Hot Press Seamless Cover technology, which allows the use of PVC material on the liner without sewing. It is stronger than plastic material. It can also be used on the toe of the shoe, where due to the fact that it does not have to be sewn, it can be significantly lower and optically lightens the whole shoe.Anatomical padding in the ankles and Achilles tendon. The anatomical insole makes the shoe very comfortable. 

The chassis is made by CNC technology.Attachment of the chassis with central screws with the possibility of tilting the chassis off the axis - for ideal adjustment according to the skating style and different anatomical construction of the user's foot (whole leg) in the front and back. The chassis is very light but rigid.The axles are always screwed on the right side of both skates - they ensure safety - it is not possible to tow while riding.

The TEMPISH universal "S" brake is used for skates.The brake is included in the box together with 4 screws - very easy installation - without the need to remove the axles and wheels.The material of the brake holder - nylon with fiberglass - very rigid and strong, which allows you to adjust the height of the block. TPR block material.EZZA 90 skates are equipped with wheels from the RADICAL, PU casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR) series. These are high-quality wheels with very low rolling resistance and long service life, which achieve very low wear on various surfaces and perfectly dampen uneven surfaces, which guarantees a truly comfortable ride. The wheels are fitted with ABEC 9 hi-precision bearings with a rubber duster. The lacing is classic laces. A reinforcing tape with a micro buckle is placed over the instep.

OSKY with thread to the chassis diameter 8mm.

Size: 38 - 45

Inner liner length:

vel.: 38 - 24.9cm

vel.: 39 - 25.2cm

vel.: 40 - 25.8cm

vel.: 41 - 26.4cm

vel.: 42 - 27.0cm

vel.: 43 - 27.7cm

vel.: 44 - 28.3cm

vel.: 45 - 28.9cm

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