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Returned goods

Are you unsure about returning, exchanging or complaining about goods on our website? Don't worry, the procedure is very simple.

How to proceed with a complaint or return of goods?

How to continue after filling in all the necessary documents?

  • All you have to do is come to any Mail Order and dictate the return code . All you have to do is bring the packaged goods to your nearest branch.
  • Here we have prepared a map of Zásilkoven for you:

You can return the goods only with the consent of the eshop. If you send the goods earlier or without the consent of the e-shop, you will then be charged a shipping fee.

So what is the procedure in individual points ?:

  • Fill in the necessary form carefully (for complaints, returns, etc.) and print it out.
  • Insert the complaint protocol for the goods (so that we can combine the returned goods with your complaint).
  • The goods must be properly packed (in a box, in bubbles or in a bubble envelope).
  • You will bring the goods to any of your nearest branch of the Mailbox .
  • Dictate return code: 93752849.
  • And it is done! The branch will generate a label and send your returned goods to us at the branch.

Simple, isn't it? If you still can't handle anything, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

The team