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Area longboard Arian

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Area longboard Arian
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Great longboard for kids. Thanks to the length of the young riders, they can better control this longboard. Suitable for everyday riding, great for the city and bike trails. Arian has a soft board, making city riding even more comfortable. Longboard also has a double concave. Thanks to this, the legs on the board hold better if the rider wants to ride a downhill.

- Attractive design

- board: 86,40 x 34 cm

- Plate material: mixed birch (4 layers) and Canadian maple (2 layers)

- shape: symmetrical twin tip board with kicktail

- flexibility: soft

- Plate bending: double concave

- griptape: os780

- Trucks: Stonefish 7 "inch aluminum drop thru

- wheelbase: 62 cm

- bushing: high rebound, hardness 90a

- hardness of wheels: 78a

- Wheel size: 70x50 mm

- bearings: ABEC 7

- Load capacity: approx. 100 kg (can carry even more, but the pad)

total length864 mm
Total width340 mm
Number of layers of the board7
MaterialCanadian maple
Wheel size74 mm
Hardness of the wheel78
Hardness of bushings90
Wheelbase620 mm
Flexibility of the boardflexible
BearingsABEC 9
Load capacity100 kg
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