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Boomerang Aerobie ORBITER purple

Boomerang Aerobie ORBITER purple
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
With the Aerobie Orbiter ™ boomerang you can throw with yourself :-)
It flies around 28m and returns. It has a unique triangular shape with soft and flexible edges so it catches lightly and comfortably. With its vibrant colors, the Aerobie Orbiter boomerang is well visible throughout the flight.

Instructions for throwing a boomerang are on the packaging and on the boomerang itself. Don't worry if the boomerang doesn't come back the first time and don't look it! The Aerobie Orbiter boomerang is really returning and it's just a matter of exercise or. wind and tuning the boomerang.
A record in the throw and catch of the Aerobie Orbiter boomerang without falling to the ground is held by José Drummond of Brasilia - an incredible 720 throw!

A high-performance boomerang will fly a circuit of about 28m and then actually come back
Soft and secure rubber edge for comfortable catching
Vibrant colors are clearly visible
Triangular shape makes catching easier - arm length 29cm
Boomerang is designed especially for right-handed
Don't swim in the water
Recommended age 13+
Made in USA
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