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Chilli IZZY freestyle scooter blue

Chilli IZZY freestyle scooter blue
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

- !!! scooter is designed for children of small figures, due to the dimensions of handlebars and boards !!!

- A scooter suitable for beginners and moderate riders

- thanks to shorter plate and aluminum handlebars, the rider can better test tricks on scooters

- Weighs only 3300 g

- Medium free gift

- free of charge

- light aluminum handlebars 480x480 mm

- Two-screw sleeve

- non-threaded aluminum fork

- headstube for integrated industrial headsets

-a wide aluminum plate 450x125 mm!

- 110 mm castors with aluminum center

- ABEC 9 bearings

- flex brake

Scooter videos:

Total weight3390 g
Height of handlebars480 mm
The width of the handlebars480 mm
The total length of the handlebars from the ground710 mm
Material of the handlebarssteel
Handlebar outer diameter35 mm
Internal handlebar diameter28 mm
Length of the board450 mm
Plate Width125 mm
Footspace310 mm
Plate angle82,5
Deck materialaluminum 6061 T6
Clamp typetwo screws
Inner diameter of the sleeve35 mm
Type of headform according to the boardIntegrated
Head assemblythreadless
Bearings of head assemblyindustrially
Fork typethreadless, one-piece
Fork materialaluminium
Wheel size110 mm
Wheel materialaluminium
Hardness of the wheel88
BearingsABEC 9
Compression systemSpider HIC
Brake typeFlexless (Flex)
Brake materialsteel
Load capacity100 kg
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 15.03.2019 12:16:29
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