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Chilli Spider fork Rainbow

Chilli Spider fork Rainbow
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

- a new fork from Chilli

- for 100, 110, 120 mm castors

- the fork is forged cold and is made using a mold (the fork is stiffer)

- Measurement: Aluminum 7075

- The fork is made in one piece

- anodized

- for HIC and Chilli Spider HIC

- a new HIC (spider) system !! the grooves are made in the fork and thanks to it, you simply put Spider HIC on.

This system has two advantages: the first is that the handlebars and the fork are lighter, the second one and the main advantage is that you no longer have to buy a 32 mm inner handlebar (HIC handlebar) !!! Attach all handlebars with an inside diameter of 28 mm to this HIC!

- You can buy Spider HIC here: /katalog/hic/chilli-spider-hic.htm

Video fork: