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Baby Roller Skates Hot Wheels Big Logo

Baby Roller Skates Hot Wheels Big Logo
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Big Logo in-line skates in the popular Hot Wheels license design. Big Logo Children's In-line Skates are stretchable in 4 sizes and feature a very simple set-up system - push the button to push the boot tip. The lightweight plastic chassis is fitted with soft PU wheels (82A) for comfortable driving and ABEC 3 Carbon Steel bearings. The shoe is anatomically padded for a child's foot, comfortable, with a solid skeleton on the outside. The angles of the clamping elements and the joint are carefully adjusted to help increase comfort while maintaining a firm and secure clamping of the foot. The support provided in this way prevents the loss of energy during skating. Skates can be easily and quickly tightened with laces, velcro strap and top buckles with safety against accidental opening. SPECIFICATIONS skeleton: polyethylene chassis: polypropylene bearings: ABEC 3 Carbon Steel clamping system: laces, Velcro strap, buckle with safety against accidental roll opening: polyurethane; hardness 82A size: 58mm for size 27-30 64mm for size 30-33 72mm for size 34-37 72mm for size 38-41K we also offer children's set of protectors and children's helmet in the same design.
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