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Kids Roller Skates Powerslide Phuzion 3 Girls

Kids Roller Skates Powerslide Phuzion 3 Girls
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Powerslide Phuzion 3 girls in-line skates are designed for our kids. Great design for boys and girls and high quality typical of Phuzion. Powerslide Phuzion 3 boys n-line skates are stretchable in 4 sizes and feature a very simple set-up system - when you release the lever or push the button, you move the tip of the boot. The Vision Aircraft Aluminum chassis is lightweight, fitted with 70mm or 76mm (70mm for 29-32, 76mm for sizes 33-36 and 37-40) Powerslide Slimline castors, 82A hardness and ABEC 5 bearings. , comfortable, made of synthetic leather and microfibre on the outside. The angles of the clamping elements and the joint are carefully adjusted to help increase comfort while maintaining a firm and secure clamping of the foot. The support provided in this way prevents the loss of energy during skating. The skate is easy to call thanks to Easy Slip In, which is based on Powerslide's many years of experience. When putting on, the large loop on the back of the skate is great. Basic tightening of skates is ensured by popular classic lacing with fixed eyelets, then the foot is secured with a long Velcro and tightens a tight buckle with a safety against accidental opening. sizes: 29-32 / 18.5-20.3 cm 33-36 / 20.9-22.7 cm 37-40 / 23.3-25.2 cm SPECIFICATIONS: chassis: 3-D pressed alu wheel frame: Powerslide 70mm / 76mm, hardness 82A bearings: Powerslide ABEC 5, 608
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