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Electric scooter City Boss V5 black

Electric scooter City Boss V5 black
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

The City Boss V5 electric scooter takes you economically to work, school, city or trip. With a secure folding mechanism, you fold or unfold it within 5 seconds and with a folded frame length of 115 cm and a weight of 19.2 kg, you can easily transport it by car, train, public transport or store at home or in the garage.

A maintenance-free 500W engine accelerates even at a load of 100kg and takes you to a steeper hill. Acceleration from 0 - 25 km / h in 8 seconds with 85 kg rider weight.

Use the button on the display to switch between 3 modes to limit the maximum speed . When the scooter is switched on, the last set mode is always active: slow 15 km / h - safe speed for children or driving in bad weather conditions; medium 25 km / h - pleasant cruising speed complying with the regulations for use on the road; fast 35 km / h - for cycling to save your time.
For longer journeys, you will appreciate the cruise control that keeps the scooter powered even without the throttle - its function can be deactivated on the display.

Charge the Li-Ion 15.4 Ah battery with a portable charger from the 220 V socket to full capacity in 6 - 7 hours. In normal operation with a scooter on a single charge, you will drive approximately 45 km - so you do not have to recharge it for shorter trips. The total distance may be shorter or longer; it always depends on the weight of the rider, the terrain rupture, the driving style, the outdoor temperature, etc. It is possible to drive the scooter by pushing off with the engine switched off.

You can monitor the current battery status, current speed, driving time and distance traveled on the transreflective display, perfectly readable even in direct sunlight or at night. A USB port from the back of the display can even charge your mobile phone or tablet, either while driving or while standing with a 2-hour timer.

To switch on the front and rear light from the central battery, use the handlebar switch, which also has a horn button. In addition, the rear brake light comes on during braking.
Even at higher speeds, you can reliably stop the scooter with the independent rear and front mechanical disc brakes . The robust, aerospace- certified aluminum scooter frame can withstand loads of up to 150 kg . With height-adjustable handlebars with ergonomic grips, the scooter is suitable for riders with a figure of 150 - 210 cm. For safety reasons, the recommended age for using a scooter is 16 years. On the 50 cm long and 21 cm wide step, you can ride comfortably with your feet behind or side by side.
The scooter can be optionally equipped with a folding saddle .

The extended 2.5 "(6.4 cm) 10" (25.4 cm) tire also adheres well to damp surfaces and reliably dampens unpleasant vibration . Due to their size and quality there is no need for additional frame suspension. The wheels are protected by fenders.
Thanks to the design of the scooter, a stubborn soul or a worn-out tire can be replaced at home.

The scooter is certified according to ISO 12100: 2010, EN 12184: 2014 according to CE Directive 2006/42 / EC.

Electric scooter City Boss fulfills a new vision of the ecological world. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology turns every city ride into a remarkable experience!

Engine power: 500 W
Battery capacity: 15.4 Ah / 48 V
Max. speed: 35 km / h
Range of 1 charge: 45 km
Charging speed: 6 - 7 h
Max. load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 19.2 kg
Tire size: 10 x 2.5 "(25.4 x 6.4 cm) - expanded
Tire type: 2x inflatable - brand CST
Front brake: disc brake
Rear brake: disc

Cruise control
Multifunctional, central battery powered transreflex display
Front / rear LED battery powered by central battery
Brake LED light powered by central battery
USB port for mobile / tablet charging - powered by central battery
3 speed modes: 15/25/35 km / h
Recommended age: 16+
Rider Height: 150 - 210 cm
Handlebar height: 82 - 115 cm
Handlebar width - spread: 56 cm
Tread width: 21 cm
Tread length: 50 cm
Tread height - top: 16 cm
Foot height - light: 9 cm
Dimensions of the scooter: 115 x 56 x 115 cm
Dimensions of folded scooter: 115 x 24 x 38 cm
Folding mechanism
Frame material: aluminum
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Operating voltage: 48 V
Engine type: brushless DC
Max. engine speed: 1280 / min.
Max. torque: 25 Nm
Max. climb: 9.5 ° (17%)
Charger included

Total weight19200 g
The maximum height of the handlebars from the ground1115 mm
The minimum height of the handlebar from the ground820 mm
The width of the handlebars560 mm
Material of the handlebarsaluminium
Plate Width210 mm
Fork materialsteel
Head assemblythreaded
Type of headform according to the boardunintegrated
Bearings of head assemblyball
Brake typespringy
Brake materialsteel
Load capacity150 kg
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