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Electric scooter Street Surfing VOLTAIK ION 400 gray

Electric scooter Street Surfing VOLTAIK ION 400 gray
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
The Voltaik electric scooter will transport you economically to work, school, the city or a trip. Both 10 "ANTI DEFECT wheels always take you to your destination without the risk of a defect. In addition, the rear wheel is equipped with double suspension and the scooter will comfortably carry you despite minor unevenness. Thanks to the ingenious folding mechanism, you can fold or unfold it in 2 seconds, and with a folded frame length of 116 cm and a weight of 16 kg, you can easily transport it by car, train, public transport or store it at home or in the garage.

On the integrated LCD display you can monitor basic information about the scooter such as the current speed, battery status, indication of the connection via bluetooth to the mobile phone, driving mode in which the scooter is located and the indication of lighting. With the button at the top of the display you can switch between 2 driving modes to limit the max. speed and turn on the lights.

The integrated USB output allows you to charge your mobile phone. After connecting the scooter to a mobile phone via the VOLTAIK mobile application , information about the scooter can be monitored, such as: total distance traveled, current distance traveled, set maximum speed in driving modes, set speed at which cruise control is switched on. The scooter can also be locked against unwanted manipulation incl. enter your own PIN.

The scooter is waterproof and dustproof according to the IP65 standard , so you can ride it even in the rain.

You can charge the 12.5 Ah Li-Ion battery with a portable charger from a 220 V socket to full capacity in approximately 8 hours. Thanks to the double charging port and the connection of another charger, this charging time can be halved by 4 hours. With a scooter on a single charge, you can travel up to 30 km - so you don't have to recharge it every time on shorter journeys. The total distance depends on the rider's weight, the terrain, the riding style, the outside temperature, etc. An emergency can be reached on the scooter by pushing it with the engine switched off.
The scooter is equipped with an intelligent power reduction function before full discharge. In this reserve mode, it gradually reduces the speed and thus informs the rider that it must be recharged. However, it will not leave the battery completely without power at one time.

The powerful LED front light sufficiently illuminates the area in front of the scooter even at a speed of 25 km / h. Together with the rear light with integrated reflector, front white and side orange reflectors, you can drive safely even in the dark. You can reliably stop the scooter with the dual brake. During braking with the rear disc brake, the front electronic brake is also automatically activated, which increases braking efficiency and reduces brake pad wear. In addition, the rear brake light flashes when the brake lever is depressed.

The frame of the scooter made of an alloy of aviation aluminum and magnesium can withstand a load of up to 120 kg . It thus meets strict safety standards. For safety reasons, the recommended age for using the scooter is from 14 years.

Motor power: 400 W
Battery capacity: 12.5 Ah / 36 V
Max. speed: 25 km / h
Range on 1 charge: up to 30 km
Charging speed: 7-8 h; 2 chargers 4h
Max. load capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 16 kg
Tire size: 10 "
Tire type: 2x tubeless moss without risk of defect
Suspension: rear
Brake: dual - rear disc together with front electronic

Multifunctional waterproof display
USB output
Two charging ports
Tread height: 17.5 cm
Clear height: 8.5 cm
Tread size: 45 x 14.5 cm
Handlebar width: 45cm
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