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Skatey 900 Off-road wood jeans

Skatey 900 Off-road wood jeans
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

The new generation of the Skatey 900 longboard is a great means of transport and a fun leisure or leisure companion. With the off-road version, thanks to a large 25 cm wheels and a spring-loaded trucks enjoy a ride on tarmac and on gravel or grass.

The concave shape of the board keeps your center of gravity centered so you have the best balance possible while driving. For added safety, the board has an anti-skid surface. With a high-performance 900 W motor, you go on a plane at up to 38 km / h .

The hand holding the riding bluetooth driver that you intuitively accelerate and brake smoothly. The controller can also monitor the current battery status and driving speed. For maximum power saving, the longboard battery or driver will be automatically disconnected in 5 minutes when idle. The battery of the controller is recharged via USB .

For added safety, the longboard is equipped with front and rear LED lights. In addition, an LED flashlight is integrated on the controller.

The longboard is powered by a lithium battery, which is recharged in 4-5 hours.


  • Max. speed: 38 km / h
  • Range of 1 charge: 25 km
  • Weight incl. battery: 27 kg
  • Max. load capacity: 110 kg
  • Charging speed: 4-5 h
  • Battery capacity: 7 Ah / 36 V
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Engine power: 1 x 900 W
  • Plate: Canadian Maple - 9 layers
  • 2 speed levels
  • Wheels: 25 cm Inflatable Off-road
  • Dimensions: 113x53x28 cm
  • Recommended age: 12+

Total weight16000 g
Approach 1 charge25 km
Max. speed38
Charging rate5 h
Battery typeLithium
MaterialCanadian maple
total length1130 mm
Total width530 mm
Wheel size250 mm
Engine power900
Load capacity110 kg
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