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Bestial Wolf Booster B16 Blue Freestyle Scooter

Bestial Wolf Booster B16 Blue Freestyle Scooter
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

New model Booster from the legendary Spanish brand Bestial Wolf for 2019 . Booster series is characterized mainly excellent quality and even better price. The new model has a lot of improvements. New and stronger steel handlebar with new shape, better soft grips. New and firmer plate with side neck reinforcement. (The board resembles the higher Rocky R10 model).

As always, Bestial Wolf brings us great products. Certainly will attract older riders starting with freestyle with scooter or intermediate riders.

The scooter is most suitable for a skatepark.

  • iHC com. system
  • threadless fork
  • steel fork
  • board for integrated headsets
  • industrial headset
  • forks for 100 and 110 mm wheels
  • steel handlebar from CrMo 4130 (highest quality steel for f. scooters) 600x540 mm
  • aluminum plate: 520x110 mm
  • 110 mm wheel
  • aluminum wheel centers
  • bearings ABEC 9
  • noiseless plastic flex brake
Total weight4000 g
The total length of the handlebars from the ground840 mm
Height of handlebars600 mm
The width of the handlebars550 mm
Material of the handlebarssteel
Handlebar outer diameter32 mm
Internal handlebar diameter28 mm
Length of the board520 mm
Plate Width115 mm
Footspace380 mm
Plate angle82,5
Deck materialaluminum 6061 T6
Clamp typethree screws
Inner diameter of the sleeve32 mm
Type of headform according to the boardIntegrated
Head assemblythreadless
Bearings of head assemblyindustrially
Fork typethreadless, two-part
Fork materialsteel
Wheel size110 mm
Wheel materialaluminium
Hardness of the wheel85
BearingsABEC 9
Compression systemIHC
Brake typeFlexless (Flex)
Brake materialcloak
Load capacity100 kg
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Hmotnost: 3,9 kg. Pro mírně pokročilé jezdce. Vhodná do skate-parku.
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