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Freestyle scooter Custom Signature Petr Macháček V1

Freestyle scooter Custom Signature Petr Macháček V1
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Prodejna Hradec Králové, Česká Republika
5-10 pracovních dnů
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5-10 pracovních dnů
Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Do you like Petr Macháček ? And do you want his scooter on which he rides ? It was he for you this beauty in assembled!

This is a great street setup! It will definitely please demanding riders.

For the first buyer, the scooter is signed !

  • steel handlebars made of a special CrMo 4130 alloy, which are vacuum treated. 2x stronger!
  • handlebar dimensions: 700x650mm
  • compr. system: SCS
  • street board with one-piece neck for integrated headsets
  • board dimensions: 559x133mm
  • industrial headset bearings
  • one-piece, without threaded, aluminum fork
  • 110mm wheels with aluminum center
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • fender brake (fixed)

Article about scooter: custom-kolobezka-od-petra-machacka /

Don't forget to watch Peter on soc. networks:

Freestyle koloběžka propokročilé jezdce
Total weight4450 g
Height of handlebars700 mm
The width of the handlebars650 mm
Height of the handlebars from the ground980 mm
The shape of the handlebarsShape T
Material of the handlebarssteel
Handlebar outer diameter32 mm
Internal handlebar diameter28 mm
Length of the board584 mm
Plate Width133 mm
Footspace440 mm
Plate angle83
Deck materialaluminum 6061 T6
Neck Platesone-piece
Clamp typefour screws
Inner diameter of the sleeve32 mm
Type of headform according to the boardIntegrated
Head assemblythreadless
Bearings of head assemblyindustrially
Fork typethreadless, one-piece
Fork materialaluminium
Wheel size110 mm
Design středu kolečkaSpoked
Wheel materialaluminium
BearingsABEC 9
Compression systemSCS
Brake typeFlex Fender
Brake materialsteel
Load capacity100 kg
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