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Indo X70 Trampoline Scooter (670mm|Green Gravity)

Indo X70 Trampoline Scooter (670mm|Green Gravity)
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Finally, there is a way to try difficult tricks with the assistance of a trampoline - introducing the Indo Trampoline scooter

At the outset, we have to point out that you won't get anywhere on this scooter, because this is no ordinary scooter - you know, with wheels and stuff. The Indo is built for indoor use, mainly for the trampoline.

Technical characteristics :

  • You don't have to worry about the surface of the trampoline, because the board is made entirely of foam, so it protects both shins, ankles, etc. and also mainly protects the trampoline
  • The width and shape of the T-handlebars is very similar to the setups of most freestyle scooters, so it is very easy to transfer learned tricks to a real scooter
  • The whole assembly is super light because it doesn't have as many parts as a normal scooter and therefore your first attempts at a certain trick are much easier
Total weight950 g
Height of handlebars670 mm
The width of the handlebars430 mm
Material of the handlebarssteel
The shape of the handlebarsShape T
Length of the board520 mm
Plate Width150 mm
Load capacity100 kg
Designed inFinland
Made inChina
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Indo X70 Trampoline Scooter (670mm|Green Gravity)
Indo X70 Trampoline Scooter (670mm|Green Gravity)
Scooter on a trampoline.
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90.52 EUR
77.34 EUR
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