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How to compress systems

Compression systems

- It is used to tighten the headform so that we do not move the handlebars

- In freestyle scooters we have compression ICS, HIC, IHC, SPIDER HIC, SCS and mothers from threaded fork


The large sleeve, which has 2 diameters (smaller in the fork, larger in the handlebars), one of the strongest systems, the handlebar must not have a notch.

Procedure: Put on the fork, the SCS has a washer and screw, the forks must not be larger than SCS (otherwise use spacers). I push the pad and bolt into the SCS and then pull the bolt to the fork, pulling down from top to top, pushing the handlebar and pulling the side bolts.

SCS tightens the handlebars without a notch or uses a Bar Adapter that fits into the handlebars!

Advantages :

- strongest compression

- handlebars without a notch (the system is stiffer, the handlebars just do not break)

- You can use all handlebars tips (HIC, Standard and Aluminum, but without cutouts)

Disadvantages :

- heavy compression system

- if you have a fork longer than the SCS, you need a spacer or shortening the fork


The oldest compression system, a simple bolt + hedgehog that was put into the handlebars (inside), took the screw, tightened to the hedge, the handlebars did not move

Advantages :

- The system is cheap

Disadvantages :

- if the screw head is damaged. It is difficult to remove the system

- hedgehog can slide in some steel handlebars or stainless steel (only for handlebars with an inner diameter of 32 mm)

- system is enabled


Washer with screw. The pad pushes us on the headset. Tighten the screw from the top into the fork over the washer. The fork is either thread or hedgehog.

Aluminum handlebars and handlebars with standard interior are not used

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