Chcete změnit jazyk eshopu na us?

How to board for a freestyle scooter

Distribution of boards:

- by style of riding: (skate park, street)

- by headform: (integrated, unintegrated)

- by head neck: (one-piece, two-piece)

- wheel size

How to extend the life of boards:

- do not grind on the curbs or on the concrete edges (the board can be cut to reinforcements or welds, the board may burst before, see photo)

- not to ride in puddles

- Properly wax the board from the bottom

- Do not drop from high heights

- jumping jumps into the impact not on the platforms

Rides by riding style:

Skatepark boards:

- they are mostly shorter and lighter, narrower, more manageable

- there may be an earlier rupture when used on the street

Street Boards:

- they are predominantly longer and more robust, wider, heavier

- they are stronger, but the tricks on them are getting worse

- Most of them have a neck in one piece

Breakdown by headline:

For integrated headsets:

- head neck is already ready for integrated head set (so-called headset disks are embossed), are ready for industrial headset bearings


-   easy mounting, bearings fit perfectly into the bowl, extend the life of the headset and bowl

For non-integrated headsets:

- they are not used anymore, we can find them only with some cheap scooters up to 3000 CZK

- there are no deformed headset dishes, a simple neck tube is used in which the headset cups are pressed


- we can use any headsets with bowls (eg: threaded headset for threaded forks)


- the board becomes wearier,

- Head bowls must be exactly pressed

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