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How to grips and pegs for freestyle scooters

Time to change grip and peg

Have you bought a ready-made machine, you've been on it for a while, have you crumbled or ripped off the grips, and you think you're going to make pegs too? Then this article is designed for you. You will find advice on what and how to choose what suits what it fits, but also information about what is totally inappropriate. You have a pile, so we can advise you.

New grips

When to buy new grips

Time to buy new grip sometimes comes very quickly and sometimes slower. It depends on which freestyle scooter you made. The cheapest scooters have the least quality grips, which lasts for a month, two, six months or, in exceptional cases, even longer. More expensive setups equipped with better grips are better. But of course it matters how you treat the scooter. As soon as the grips begin to unpleasantly rub, tear or push you into your hands, buy new ones. Grips are your suction cups and you do not give the wrong grips.

Where to buy new grips

Buy in a specialized store, such as :)

Which type and length of grip to choose

We have a lot of grip on offer. The quality of the grip of some brands is comparable and other brands have some extra benefits. It also depends on the price. More expensive grips are better than the cheapest and last longer. Each brand has a different grip hardness, some have their own patterns and some have their own length. The most common length that is sufficient is 12cm. If you have wide handlebars (eg more than 550mm), you can also buy longer grips. Here too, the more expensive, the better. Medium expensive grips last about 3-6 months (depending on how you treat them).

  • cheapest grips (from 190 Kč)
  • middle way (from 280 Kč)
  • the most expensive grips (from 350 Kč)

The most expensive grips you can find here are ODI soft grips. Very soft grips, which are difficult to put on, but hold as stuck. If the grips are badly blasted and you have no one around to help you, use a spray on District grips . Put the sprays on the handlebars, put on the grip, the layer under it gets dry and it's like :) such grips last for several months.

Grips can be picked up in many color variants, so choose the color you like and fit the other parts to make the scooter look fine. We supply all the colors including the ends!

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