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How to scroll for a freestyle scooter

When does the freestyle scooter need to replace the wheels?

Freestyle scooter is a sporting tool that gets really busy. The Scooter gets a lot of wounds, falls, and if misused, it also rides through water, mud, through stones, dust or even in snow, or gets kicked from the brake. That's not good. In such use, you first remove the bearings and then the wheels themselves, respectively. their rubber.

The most common problem with the bearings is that they do not rotate, screeching. First aid is to drip the bearings with oil ( instructions on how to clean the bearings ). If that does not work, there is nothing but to buy new ones .

Wheels need to be replaced when the center is cracked (if they are aluminum) or when holes or platforms appear in the rubber (from stomping to the brake at high speed) or when the rubber breaks out of them.

Where to buy scooters on a freestyle scooter

It is clear that the best choice of freestyle scooter wheels is in specialized stores. Maybe at :), where they will gladly help you and advise you to choose the most suitable for budget. If you do not have a way around our showroom, check out our eshop or clinic.

We definitely do not recommend saving it out. Wheels with a value of up to CZK 200 / piece or wheels from unauthorized manufacturers may not even endure a ride in a skatepark or at streets.

How to select the wheel size

There are 4 scooter wheels on the freestyle scooter. Most riders, however, use two basic ones, namely wheels with a diameter of 100mm or 110mm. Other sizes are: diameter 120mm and 125mm.

Who and for what scooter are wheels with a diameter of 100mm ?

  • for beginners and eventually for moderately advanced riders
  • for scooters that have a fork and / fixed brake only on 100mm wheels

For whom and for what scooter are wheels with a diameter of 110mm ?

  • for intermediate and intermediate riders or for advanced street riders
  • for scooters that have a fork and / Brake only to max. 110mm castors

Who and for what scooter are wheels with a diameter of 120 and 125mm ?

  • for anyone who wants a faster ride - especially in the skatepark
  • for scooters that have a customized fork and brake and a large castor plate (if you did not buy them, you can customize the parts at home, but avoid losing the warranty on
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