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How on bearings

When to consider replacing bearings?

Are your freestyle scooters spinning badly or are they making gruesome sounds while driving? Sometimes it is enough to clean the bearings and dip into them oil, for example Bones spray into the bearings . It is time to replace the bearings. Why is this happening? Sometimes water gets into the bearings, sometimes dust, and as a result they are ripped off or scrub. At other times, it simply sucks to the extent that it is necessary to buy new ones.

But be careful if your wheels, such as platforms from the brake, rubber holes or rubber, are bought, buy new wheels that are sold with bearings.

We recommend to ride a freestyle scooter only on the surface intended for it (skatepark, plaza) or on smooth stones in the streets, etc. Do not scrub the shower under the maintenance!

How to choose new bearings?

Selecting a bearing is not such a science again. Choose a brand you know or a mark suggested by someone. Why ABEC? ABEC only indicates the accuracy of bearing production, not its speed. Sometimes bearings with ABEC 5 are much faster than others with ABEC 9! However, the more precise the bearing (higher the ABEC), the better it should be with proper maintenance. offers very good bearings supplied in packs of 4 pieces (one wheel you need 2 bearings) and spacers

ložiska 4 ks se spacery

How to replace bearings?

How to remove the bearings: According to Martin Nogola: "simply blow out". Place the wheel on the raised pad so that there is space below the center of the wheel that the bearing can later fall off. Take a screw or screwdriver in your hand, carefully hammer the hammer and bear the bearings before the wheel comes out.

How to mount the bearings: The older versions of Martin's video tutorial are great

Have fun! :)


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