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How to hang out for freestyle scooters


- by average

- by number of screws

We select the sleeve by handle type!

Ideally, the sleeve should cover the notch on the handlebar when the fork is longer than the notch. If a vild is longer than a notch, we can use smaller sockets. Thanks to that, our handlebars do not work.

By average

Inner diameter of the socket 35 mm:

- these sleeves are for both HIC and aluminum handlebars (35 mm outer handlebars).

- most of them have a SHIM (washer), thanks to which we can use also handlebars with an outside diameter of 32 mm. We use the SHIM pad when using a 32 mm outer handlebars ( standard steel handlebars ).

Inner diameter of the socket 32 mm:

- They are only for standard handlebars with an outside diameter of 32 mm. (you can not use spit or aluminum handlebars).

By screw number:

The more screws we have, the sleeve is stronger and we can better tighten the handlebars.

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