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How to claim

Complaints with us are easy and fast thanks to our new system. :) You do not have to send us the goods back or manually fill out the complaint protocols. Everything happens online. Thanks to this, our complaint time is reduced. We will resolve 90% of claims within 5 business days. :)

How to proceed with complaints

We sign up for our account, which we automatically created when creating an order. If you did not ask for a password, simply reschedule it. You will find your login name in the first mail from your order.

To reset your password, click on my account. (top left in the main menu). The sign-in table will pop up. Where is my password forgotten? Your password will arrive at the email you have placed on your order.

After resolving your password, we'll sign in to your account. Where do you see your account settings, orders, watchdog, complaints, comparisons, etc. Click on complaints .

You will see your ordered goods in the ads. Simply click on the goods you want to claim.

After selecting the goods, you will find the table where you can fill in all the information about the problem + include detailed photos of the streams ( how to display the product you want to show right below this text ). And click to start a claim. And we're done. :) Your claim will pop up in our system and resolve the complaint immediately.

Complaints you can download in complaints. We will inform you about the progress of the complaint by email.

How to Properly Shoot the Goods

After accelerating your claim, we need the right photos, namely:

  • detail of problem (minimum 2 photos)
  • the whole product
  • if we advertise the board or scooter so the bottom of the board
  • or attach a video

The more photos you get the better. You will speed up the complaint.

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