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How to handle freestyle scooters


Height of handlebars:

It is measured from the bottom of the handlebars (end of the sleeve) to the top of the tube where the handles are

Handle Width:

Measure the top tube from one end to the other (where the handle ends)

If the handlebars are too high and wide, the handlebar can be bent ! Powerful wide and high handlebars are for pros, or who can ride well and have net impacts.

How to properly select the handlebar size

The best handlebar size is around the rider's waist .

Yet it matters to the rider himself how best he rides. Somebody likes high and some low handlebars.

High handlebars are more suitable for street use

Low handlebars are more suitable for skate parks

If you do not know the advice. We recommend our table:

Measure from your waist to the feet.

CZ-Hradec Králové

Measured length

Which high handlebars to use

for skate-park

for street

50 - 60 cm

505 mm

515 mm

60 - 70 cm

530 mm

540 mm

70 - 80 cm

555 mm

565 mm

80 - 90 cm

Data processing