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How to sponsor

What is the sponsor of the rider?

You have already heard of another rider who has a sponsor - most often a brand or shop. This slider from the sponsor gets spare parts, sometimes sets, sometimes tricks, shoes, backpacks, caps, stickers, etc. - always depends on what the sponsor produces. Very good riders who place themselves on races, then receive financial rewards from big sponsors, travel to races and exhibitions, and abroad. And of course, the other riders like it. But sponsoring is not just about getting the rider, he has to give. Sponsorship is 70% work around and 30% is riding itself. The rider has to work and train hard, must be seen, have to participate in races, have to shoot videos, make photos and publish it all on social media and on the web. The main thing that sponsors are interested in is where you promote the brand. The most massive are mass media - TV interviews, magazine interviews, online magazines, video views. Rewards are also flowing from this. Let's call it profi sponsoring. But nicely ...

How to get sponsorship?

Getting profi sponsorship is not so easy. You need to have one . You have to have a level, you have to taste, you have to want, you have to have time and when you want to ride for a foreign brand, you must have good English. If you think you have it, then you can make a mark or shop. You have to ask yourself what you really can offer. It is certainly not enough to write a mail in the "I want to sponsor what you offer" style. It is bad. Describe who you are, what you do, send videos, photos, links to your site, fanpage and especially some presentation about yourself - powerpoint, word or other format. Do something like a "book." Write a brand or shop who you are , where you are, what you like, what you are, what you do, etc. You have to be interesting for the brand and the shop. But beware, it is certainly not smart to write that you want to ride a brand and not even use its parts!

Professional athletes have a created presentation with an offer. In the menu, they describe what they can do for the brand, whether they're driving or off-road, where they've been and are visible, and most importantly numbers (facebook reach, number of friends, number of views, number of subscribers on youtube). E.g. How it's done by Martin Nogol.

It is also good not to just mail, but call the sponsor and arrange a personal meeting and present. In fact

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