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How to make a freestyle scooter fork

Choose a fork on a freestyle scooter

Your scooter is already desperately in need of a new fork, you look at the site and you do not know about that pile of types? Then this article is for you!

We are divided by:

- Material

- Whether they are threaded, threaded

- How many parts are you composing?

- Compatibility with wheel diameters

- By compression systems



These forks are mostly made in one piece, mostly without thread on the outside of the fork. They can be made of 6071 or 7055 aluminum.

Advantages: low fork weight, easy to process

Disadvantages: cheaper


Usually they are made of thread (thanks to the thread they can burst), they are made of two pieces which are welded together

Advantages: cheaper

Disadvantages: They are heavier, threaded forks can burst, they are two parts

According to thread:

Threaded :

At the top of the pipe is a thread, they are mainly used at cheaper scooters up to 3000 CZK, thanks to thread have the paralyzed side of the pipe, they are not so strong (thanks to the threads can break)

How to extend the service life of a threaded fork:

- always have a properly tightened headset

- always have a sufficiently tightened wheel (to avoid axle destruction)

- not to ride in rain, puddles, dust (to avoid rusting of head and fork)

Not threaded:

They do not have a thread, so they are more durable, but some compression system has to be used (without the compression system, an earlier burst and destruction of both the board and the headset may occur.) The headset must always be tightened)

How to extend the life of the threadless fork:

- always be properly tightened

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