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How to choose a freestyle scooter

Choosing a freestyle scooter can look like a simple thing, but once you get into it you will find it not just that. There are plenty of manufacturers, lots of different prices, lots of scooters with different components that determine price and quality. Buy a scooter all in the same way as a setup or a set of parts? How do you know if the scooter you choose will really last? We will advise you on how to choose from in this article!

Cheapest scooters:

In general, the cheapest scooters on the market could be enough to last for a while. They are just "freestyle scooters". But the opposite is true. The scooter riders are burdening each scooter with such force (jumps, curbs, falls, shocks) that the manufacturing deficiencies of the cheapest scooters will take effect very soon. The handlebars start swinging, the grips crumble or spin, the headline is loose and cracks in it, and it swells badly, the bearings in the wheels, the wheels itself,

That's why we recommend buying a scooter from manufacturers who are only producing scooters and doing production professionally, that is, Chilli, JD Bug, District, Blunt, Alfa Omega, Lucky, MGP (Madd Gear), Nokaic,

When choosing, we take into account the age of the rider, the level of the ride and the price

1. Age and level:

The first important factor that you have to take into account is the age of the rider and the level of driving.

Freestyle scooters are recommended due to the weight of scooters (around 3.5kg) for riders aged 8 years (except for the model of the Chilli PRO 3000 Shredder scooter, which is made for uplifted or aged little riders.

While beginners aged around 8 for the first few months of riding are worth scooters worth 2,000 (Nokaic, JD Bug and more expensive), a beginner aged 11 and over should consider scooters stronger , worth more than 2,500 (JD Bug , Chilli PRO 5000, MGP, and the like).

All scooters that are already assembled as complete have a carrying capacity of around 80-100 kg. We also take into account that the weight of the scooter on the scooter increases by 2x - 3x.

More advanced riders can build a scooter either themselves or buy more expensive sets of about 6,000 and above assembled directly from manufacturers.

2. Price:

The different price of freestyle scooters is not a high premium for the fact that a scooter has a brand, but about how high quality parts are assembled. All the brands you find on our e-shop are made by certified, high-quality manufacturers. The role in determining the scooter price is:

- the quality of wheels (center of ordinary plastic, hard plastic or aluminum) and bearings (which are or are not part of them), size of castors (basic 100 mm or 110

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