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How to choose a longboard

Our planks on wheels

Since summer, we have included new types of mobile machines that you do not need a driver. We have been inspired by the world trend, so penny boards and longboards landed in our warehouses. But that does not mean that we end up with freestyle scooters. This is by no means! : D We want to expand your options.


Have you ever seen a colorful plastic like a skate and you ask what it is and where to get it? This is a penny board. These boards have exceeded the popularity of Australia's borders (where they originated) and have come to us. Here you will find penny boards (or other candy boards) from Area.

Plastic penny is a great replacement for a scooter. It's great for him to get him in a great deal of color variants, he is relatively inexpensive, lightweight and beautifully compared to the freestyle scooter to fit into the school cabinet. Even the penny board can make tricks and crap in the street or eventually. also in the park. It will surely interest you that there is no griptape on the penny - it is not, but it can be, nothing prevents it. Other colors will be available for Christmas!

Benefits of Penny Boards

  • light
  • cheap
  • warehouse
  • load capacity up to 80kg

Disadvantages of Penny Boards

  • durability (made of hardened plastic)

U Area penny boards we offer are all the same. They have the same length (560mm), width (115mm), wheel hardness (78A- great on sidewalks and roads) ... They are only different in color. The more interesting the color is more difficult to produce, the higher the price. You can get your new penny at a price of 1292 CZK ! So choose the one you like most;)


Longboard, that's another chapter. Other material, larger dimensions, griptape, wheels and a wide range of uses. Longboards fit for those who are older and want higher quality, stability and especially variability.

Here are 2 types of longboards. A pintail with Safari Kush or San Fran's theme pintail or a city trip or city trip or city bike ride or long city rides, type trip thru with the motif of Zebbie or Tribal Curves.

We have tested the type of drop thru. Martin Nogol goes to the office and shopping at Zebbie, and our cameraman travels to the Tribal Curves ring road. Both are satisfied. The characters are longy the same. Both testers are just getting drunk and going. Zebbie is pretty soft long, so our cameraman, with his 100kg, would rather reach for the toughest Tribal Curves.

Advantages of Longboards

  • quality and durability (7 layers of Canadian maple)
  • playfulness and softness of the planks
  • wide use
  • stabilized planks

Disadvantages of Longboards

  • the price (but which is balanced by the service life)

Long choose what you want him to do.

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