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Powerslide Ice Glider Rutscherla II

Powerslide Ice Glider Rutscherla II
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Favorite ice skates for the youngest - Ice Glider ducks Rutscherla. Children's skates with two rows of knives fit any shoe, newly in a wider design for even better stability. Ducks have a non-slip surface to provide a more comfortable reflection and easy transfer of energy from shoe to skate. Easily adjustable in size between shoe sizes 24-31, fast tightening to two firm buckles. Children's skates designed by legendary ducks. Ducks are designed for the very youngest children who want to play on frozen surfaces. double-edged skates ensure greater stability. It is attached to the shoe with 2 plastic straps with buckles. adjustable size: 24-31 (the smallest length is 16 cm, maximum 20 cm) material: high quality chrome steel
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