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Powerslide inline skates FSK Metropolis 80

Powerslide inline skates FSK Metropolis 80
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Freeskate roller skates Powerslide Metropolis 80 are designed for aggressive street riding style full of tricks suited to ride slalom and fighting smaller urban obstacles.

The sturdy and durable skeleton boot is fitted with Spider 243 aluminum frame, high-quality WCD ABEC 7 bearings and four 80mm Powerslide Spinner with 85A hardness for faster driving.

  • Skeleton: Composite fiber
  • Boot: Fat Boy Dual Fit
  • Chassis: PS Spider 243mm AL
  • Wheels: Spinner 80mm 85a
  • Bearings: WCD ABEC 7 FS

Wheel size80 mm
BearingsABEC 7
Hardness of the wheel85
Wheel materialcloak
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