Powerslide Lambda Men in-line skates, 42,4x100

Powerslide Lambda 2016 in-line skates are designed for demanding advanced skaters who require increa

Product description Powerslide Lambda Men in-line skates, 42,4x100

Powerslide Lambda 2016 in-line skates are designed for demanding advanced skaters who require increased comfort and sporty performance. The sophisticated Torsion Bar System torsional stiffness enhancement system allows lightweight and breathable mesh material to be used on the rest of the shoe without loss of strength. Aluminum chassis precisely machined with CNC technology is equipped with large 100 mm wheels with high quality WCD ABEC 7 bearings of the classic size 608. The Powerslide Lambda model is part of the popular Phuzion range for recreational skating and thanks to 100 mm wheels (85A hardness) it is also suitable for fitness riding. The comfortable and solid skeleton is equipped with technology to increase comfort and improve power transmission. The skates of the Phuzion series are complemented by the latest skeleton construction technology called Trigonomic Fit, well thought through, including a ventilation system consisting of ventilation openings with a grid in the front and bottom of the shoe. The removable anatomically shaped perforated insert also breathes greatly and is very comfortable. From the bottom there are 3 different zones with gel or foam elements for cushioning the heel, toe and middle of the foot. In addition to the classic foam padding, the boot also features 3D latex foam in the ankle area for maximum comfort. The inner lining is then coated with a fine microfiber neoprene. On the outside, Performance Fit perforated fiber is used. The inner side of the tongue is also 3D shaped and exactly follows the shape of the foot. The angles of the clamping elements and the joint are carefully adjusted to help increase comfort while maintaining a firm and secure clamping of the foot. The Powerslide Stride Bar offers support from the foot, to the instep to the ankle. The support provided in this way prevents the loss of energy during skating. Strong foot hold helps all the power exerted to speed up without unnecessary loss. The skate is easy to call thanks to Easy Slip In, which is based on Powerslide's many years of experience. When putting on, the large loop on the back of the skate is great. Basic tightening of the skates is provided by lacing, thanks to which the shoe pulls well, then the foot is secured with a long Velcro and tightens a tight buckle with a safety against accidental opening. SPECIFICATIONS: Skeleton: X-Shell Chassis: One Piece Aluminum Unity 4x100mm Wheels: Powerslide Infinity 100mm / 85A Bearings: WCD ABEC 7 Brake: HABS
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