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Powerslide Nordic XC Path Vi in-line skates

Powerslide Nordic XC Path Vi in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Powerslide XC Path Vi nordic skates are a redesigned, high-performance model off-road nordic Powerslide skate from the 2015 collection and are designed for off-road skating in nature. Skates with excellent boot, which is equipped with ATOP System for fast and comfortable tightening. Powerslide XC Path VI inline skates have a new brake that is mounted directly on the skate shoe. The brake is placed on the right skate with the option to mount the skate on the left (or buy another one). SPECIFICATIONS chassis: PS XC Path CNC, extruded AL wheels: 150mm air tire / 2 piece AL rim bearings: WCD ABEC 7 skeleton: PS V. composite fiber 165mm shoe: My FIT Fat Boy Brake: Cuff Brake
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