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Powerslide Phuzion Argon Men 110 Trinity in-line skates

Powerslide Phuzion Argon Men 110 Trinity in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Skates are seated on a Trinity Elite frame that is 9.6 inches (243mm) inches long and fixed with 3 screws. The Trinity mounting system is a new gripping method that allows the wheels to get closer to the shoe, reducing center of gravity, increasing stability, more damping driving vibration, better transmitting power to reflection, and providing more control during skating. The model drives the Infinity 110mm with 85A hardness. Powerslide Phuzion Argon Men 110 skates are equipped with Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, they are the most precisely manufactured ABEC bearings. They have a solid steel cage and 7 steel balls that are perfectly matched to ensure the lightest torque. Kyodo Japanese oil was used in the production of bearings. The Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS) offers plenty of advantages over conventional foot brakes. The height adjustment function is ideal for finding your preferred personal braking position. The braking surface has a larger contact area.
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