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Powerslide Reign Zeus Trinity in-line skates

Powerslide Reign Zeus Trinity in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Skate Skeleton Reign Zeus Trinity is made of composite fibers. The skates are seated on a Trinity Ego frame that uses 3 bolt mounts. The Trinity mounting system is a new gripping method that allows the wheels to get closer to the shoe, reducing the center of gravity for the player, increasing stability, more cushioning the ride-induced vibration, transmitting more power to the bounce, and providing more control during play. The model is powered by Prime Centurio 100mm wheels with 84A hardness, which are designed for asphalt driving. Wheels are made in the USA. Reign Zeus Trinity is equipped with Wicked ABEC 7 bearings. Kyodo Japanese oil was used in the production of bearings.
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