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Powerslide SUV Next Renegade 125 Trinity in-line skates

Powerslide SUV Next Renegade 125 Trinity in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 uses a new generation of soft boots that are stronger than ever, but more comfortable as it uses the latest generation of memory foam for maximum comfort. With My Fit technology, the inside of the shoe can be warmed up and adjusted to fit your foot. The shoe uses the new Recall Fit technology that keeps its shape after warming and can be repeated. The skates are seated on a Trinity Renegade frame that is 11.6 (294mm) long and is fastened with 3 screws. The Trinity mounting system is a new gripping method that allows the wheels to get closer to the shoe, reducing center of gravity, increasing stability, more damping driving vibration, better transmitting power to reflection, and providing more control during skating. The model drives wheels V-Mart air tire 125mm. They provide a comfortable ride, absorb most of the impact. These wheels have a wide profile and smoothly ride on uneven surfaces. Powerslide Next Renegade 125 is equipped with Wicked Rustproof bearings. They are stainless metal bearings that are designed for rain.
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