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Powerslide Urban in-line skates

Powerslide Urban in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Urban roller skates Phuzion Urban from the new Powerslide collection for 2015. Urban skating requires support and comfort - especially for the ankle area. Urban Skate Shell is made of composite material, reinforced with fiberglass for even greater stiffness. The skates feature a unique three-layer padding - stiffer foam on the outside, softer foam on the inside and anatomically shaped latex foam in the ankle area to enhance support and comfort at every step. The padding of the tongue and the comfortable insole follow the shape of the foot and foot. PU nano leather is used together with the fabric as a top material, is very strong and durable. At the same time, it closely follows the shape of the foot and its low weight helps to reduce the overall weight of the skate. Tightening is done with laces and two wide Velcro fasteners. The Urban 4x84mm Lightweight and Rigid Chassis is made of 6061 aluminum aircraft called embossed technology - the precise Powerslide patented process. The skates are fitted with 84 mm Dual Dual Defcon wheels - a unique technology that combines a soft inner, shock absorbing and impact for a smooth ride on rough terrain, and a stiffer outer PU providing a fast roll. Defcon bikes combine the best of both worlds in one. SPECIFICATIONS: skeleton: X-Shell chassis: one piece Urban 4x84mm wheels: Defcon 84mm Dual Density - 84A / 78A bearings: Powerslide ABEC 7, 608
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