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Powerslide VI Shockliner in-line skates

Powerslide VI Shockliner in-line skates
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Powerslide Vi Shockliner skates with patented undercarriage are designed for off-road skating in nature. Now you can go from the bike and rollerblading trail to dirt roads or to the wild. Powerslide Vi Shockliner in-line skates have a seasoned, integrated calf lever brake that is activated by pre-bending. The brake is placed on the right skate with the option to mount the skate on the left (or buy another one). The brake block is located on a metal arm that is secured by a padded sleeve around the calf. The sleeve is secured with a comfortable Velcro strap. The bottom of the design is based on the patented Shockliner Suspension undercarriage made of carbon and fiberglass machined using CNC technology. The frame is complemented by large Road Warrior 125 x 32mm rubber inflatable wheels with a classic auto-valve, up to 5.9 bar (85psi). The castors are fitted with traditional Twincam SUS Rustproof bearings. Give the skating experience a new dimension with top-of-the-line Vi Shockliner skates. SPECIFICATIONS: Chassis: Patented Shockliner Suspension with Carbon and Glass Fibers, Aluminum Wheel Forks: 125 x 32mm Road Warrior Bearings: Twincam SUS Rustproof Brake: Calf - Calf Brake II Skates have thermoformable inner shoes that we will be happy to professionally heat and shape shop in Hradec Kralove. For the correct size selection we recommend using the table in the gallery.
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