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Kendama KROM Sosohan Animals Chipmunk

Kendama KROM Sosohan Animals Chipmunk
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

A Japanese toy called Kendama also came to the Czech Republic . The whole kendama consists of 4 main parts of the ball (TAMA), string (ITO) and the body of the kendama (KEN) and the middle part which has a small goblet (KOZORA) and a large goblet (OZORA). Kendama helps you improve your concentration and work with your hands. The Sosohan Animals model is distinctive with its cute design and quality material. The kendama is made with wider calyxes and a slim top for smaller hands. Kendama is great for learning new tricks and practicing old ones. Kendama has a thin tip and a wide ball , so you will do tricks better with it. You have drawn lines on the ball that will help you with a lot of tricks. Kendama is made of beech wood and is chip resistant. The hole for the string is centered , so pulling tricks are done with it better. The cupcakes are made wider to better catch the ball and balance it better. The ball is rubberized and thanks to the material it is more sticky . And you will find the KROM holographic sticker on the body of the kendama as a small detail. 

Total weight335 g
Designed inJapan
Made inChina
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