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SKYLIGHTER Aerobie Flying Plate blue

SKYLIGHTER Aerobie Flying Plate blue
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

Even after dark, fun with the flying saucer Aerobie Skylighter ™ doesn't stop there. Two LEDs illuminate the center and translucent edges of the flying saucer so that the thrown flying saucer can be seen clearly in the dark.
The light is turned on by the switch and is powered by two replaceable commercially available 3V CR2032 coin-cell batteries - with the light off, of course, can be thrown in the daytime.

The 30 cm Aerobie Skylighter is flying straight and precisely thanks to its improved rim design (spoiler rim). This design feature keeps the buoyancy force at the center of the flying plate throughout the flight, greatly helping flight stability.
Because the edge of the flying saucer is made of durable rubber, it catches better even at higher speeds and easily reflects on any obstacles without being damaged. Even after many hard landings, the Aerobie Skylighter's edge of the flying saucer is smooth and handy. A common flying saucer has scratches and sometimes sharp notches after a few impacts on the sidewalk.

The light module is welded to the center of the bottom of the plate so that it does not get damaged when impacted.

Two powerful LEDs illuminate the entire plate in flight
Acoustically welded light module on the bottom of the plate
Long-life replaceable batteries up to 50 h (included)
Spoiler Rim for long and accurate flight
The weight of the 180 g plate is more resistant to stronger winds
Suitable for players of all levels
Rubber edge for firm grip, more comfortable catching and long life
Large diameter 30 cm
Recommended Age 10+
Made in USA

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